Auto Clicker Apk Free Download – Whatsapp Amazing Secret Setting

Hello guys today in this article, i will tell you about an amazing android application which will definitely amazed you. You can say it an amazing WhatsApp secret setting.

When you search on the Google play store that “WhatsApp latest applications” to check latest secret settings of WhatsApp.

Auto Clicker Apk Free Download – Whatsapp Amazing Secret Setting

You will find thousands of android applications which could be used in WhatsApp settings.

Many of them will not satisfy you in their performance and in interface.

But today I will tell you about an android application which allows you to wonder your friends and colleagues.

This application is available on play store without any cost and you can install this by tapping the red download button available at the end of this article.

When you install this application, you will find two main features on the main screen, which are single mode and multiple mode.

Let me tell you the purpose of this application. It will help you to send multiple whatsapp messages within no time and you can also send pre-typed messages by selecting the keyboard buttons.

In order to use this application perfectly, you need to allow all the permissions and accessibilities.

When you click on the single mode, you will find the extra windo on the left side of the mobile screen with different options.

Here you can select only one letter to send it to your friends in multiple times just by tapping the play button on the left appearing menu.

Auto Clicker Apk Free Download – Whatsapp Amazing Secret Setting

But if you select multiple role method, you can type any sentence by tapping the plus button and place it on the required letter in sequence.

Your last button should be on the send button screen to send the message to your friends.

Now your message is completed. You can set the time limit for how mutch time this message is continuing its sending activity.

Now you only need to click on the play button and you will see the game. Your mobile will start typing automatically and send message to your friends.

I hope you will love this application to amaze you and your friends.

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Install this application by tapping the red download button below.