Best Android Apps For New Youtubers – Amazing Tool-Kit For Youtubers

Youtube is a place where everybody wants to earn money within no time, but thousands of people did not know about how to create a youtube channel, record or edit videos and publish with attractive thumbnails on Youtube?

Hello New Youtubers, here are the best android applications which will help you in Recording, editing and publishing videos on youtube with amazing and attractive thumbnails.

These applications are the most important part of every YouTuber so if you did not understand the procedure/usage than do not hesitate to go on youtube and search about these applications, you will get many helpful videos.

1. Mobizen Mobile Screen Recorder

Normally you saw many videos in which mobile screen was showing and every action which is taken by the user are showing as it is. They are using mobile screen recorder app that will allow you to record your mobile screen as per your desire.

All YouTubers who want to capture or record their mobile screen to make a video for their channels are using a different type of screen recorders but today I will introduce you one of the best screen recorder that will help you to record your mobile screen in a great manner.

It will help you record your mobile screen in 720p and 1080p resolutions. You can also edit videos in this application but it has low editing options/features.

Best Android Apps For New Youtubers – Amazing Tool-Kit For Youtubers

In Mobizen Screen recorder you can remove the watermark, enable or disable voice and many other features that will blow your mind.

Click Here To Install Mobizen Screen Recorder

2. KineMaster (Best Editing App)

KineMaster is an amazing android application that will help you in editing videos for your youtube channel. Its a basic and wonderful editing app which is used by almost all YouTubers who are editing their videos on mobile.

You can edit your youtube videos like a pro and use hundred of features which are not given by other editing android apps.

This is the best app in which you can multiple layers and its an amazing tool that will allow many features which are normally given in PC software. It’s a tricky software so if you did not understand how to use kinemaster for editing videos.

Click Here To Install Kinemaster

3. PixalLab (Best App For Thumbnails)

PixalLab is the best android application for creating thumbnails for your youtube videos. This application gives you all those features which are only available in photoshop and other PC software.

You can create awesome thumbnails with the help of PixalLab app. If you feel that it is tricky for you to use freely than please visit youtube and search “how to use PixalLab in mobile?”.

Maybe its take some time to understand all the features but when you familiar with PixalLab than it will give you boost on your youtube videos. You should use “Jameel Noori Nastaleeq” font. Search for this font on youtube to get its complete process.

Click Here To Install PixalLab 

Good Luck for the future 🙂