Best Trick To Earn $500 Weekly – How To Make Money With Android Apps – All Secrets Exposed

If you are a jobless person, want some extra money from internet or searching for a part time job, than you always searching that how to make money online, How to Earn $500 Weekly, How to make money with YouTube, and so on.

But 95% people have failed due to lack of knowledge, time, motivation and guidance.

When you think about how to earn money online without any investment in Pakistan or any other country than you definitely imagine a rain of dollors without any hurdels and hard work.

But its wrong thinking, you cannot got success in online earning techniques without time, motivation, pacience and hard work.

When you think about how to make money with youtube channel than you realise its hard to grow YouTube channel and enable monitization due to strict rules of YouTube.

You difinitly want to make money online from the day one when you start your work, and also want to get your earnings weekly or monthly bases.

So its big news for you people because today i will briefly discuss and disclose all the secrets about an amazing earning method where you can earn thousands of dollors weekly/monthly (it depends on your hard work and techniques).

Lets start our topic that how to make money online and secrets of earn $500 dollors weekly.

What is the best method to make money online?

Admob is the best method to make money online. It allows you to get success and earnings from the day one.

What is Admobe and how it works to make money online?

Admobe is a Google’s product which is helping you to monitize your Android applications to earn money online easily.

Important News: If you did not know anything about admobe and want to create free account on admob to monitize your android apps, i will give you some links of videos which will help you to create admobe account, monitize your apps and some basic knowledge about Admob and its features, watch them after reading this article. All links given at the end of this article.

How can you earn from android apps with the help of Admobe?

Truly speaking, In order to earn money from android applications first of all you need the grip of programming and other skills which will help you to create applications and monitize for earning online income.

Don’t know about programming or devoloping android application, what to do?

Congratulations, If you did not know about how to create or develop android applications you can still make money from android applications without having basic knowledge of developing android applications.

How to make money with Android application without having basic knowledge of coding, programming and admobe?

There are several means to earn money from admob without basic knowledge of coding, programming and other formalities, but only some of them are reliable. You can buy developed/coded applications and monitize them with your admob account and start making money online from the day one.

What are the best means to buy to developed android applications to make money online?

Here are two best ways to buy developed android applications.



These websites are simply best and you can buy developed android applications from just $2 only and so on as per your choice and quality of work.

Most useful applications which could be viral on the playstore are available within $10 to $30 prices.

What to do after buying developed applications?

You need to reskin, edit some parts and use your own logo, screen shots and some other stuff and also put your admobe ads to start making money.

What to do if you did not have any knowledge about reskin, edit and monitize developed application?

Don’t worry my fello here is the solution:

You can install the fiver application from the play store and can contact with any seller who can do your job to reskin, edit or monitize app withour admob ads.

If you are shy or unable to search trusted seller/app developer who can do your job in making money with android applications, You can contact with Mr.Usman Sheikh.

I will tell you about Mr.Usman at the end of this article so keep reading and understand.

If you have done all work like bought an android app, edit it with the help of an android app developer and monitize with admob ads by creating an admob account. You need to increase its installs.

What should be done to increase any android app installs?

If you want to increase you android application installs, you should upload your apps on google play store and other app stores.

If you want to upload apps on Google playstore than you need to create an google play console account with $25 fee.

Don’t worry if you cannot afford this fee you can upload your apps on apkpure, 9apps, aptoid and many other free app stores or can create your own app store easily.

When will you paid?

You will be paid by Google AdSense when you complete your payment threshold of $100.

If you have any further queries about earning with android applications, you can comment below or search on the youtube.

Now Lets Talk About Mr.Usman sheikh

Who is Mr.Usman Sheik and how to get help from him?

Mr.Usman Sheikh lives in Lahore, He is a young professional Programmer/Developer who is higly motivated and skillful in developing, editing android applications & Games, web designing and cv making.

He will help you to reskin, edit and will do some other stuff for you which is necessary to get ready your applications and games for making money online.

Why i am telling you about Mr.Usman Sheikh to get help in this regard?

When i started my work in this platform, I have searched many websites and met with many sellers/devolopers to edit or develop my applications but no one can satisfy me in his quality of work and dealing. Mr.Usman was the man who surprised me when i saw his work and dealing.

Thats why i have told you about him. Otherwise i did not have any personel relations or having any sponsorships from him.

Is it necessary to get help from Mr.Usman in this regard?

No, its not nessary. It will be your own decision that who could be helpful for you to deleope or ededit android games or apps. But if you want my suggestion than i will recommend you to contact with Mr.Usman sheikh just because of his dedication, quality of work and dealings.

How contact with Mr.Usman Sheikh?

You can contact with him by clicking on the below Mr.Usman Chat Link and start conversations with him. You can also send an Email to contact with him.

Mr Usman Chat Link:

Mr Usman Email:

Note: You can chat and email him in english, urdu or roman urdu😊

Will Mr.Usman charge any amount/price to do your work?

Yess, he will definitely charge resonable price for the work because its his profession.

How to Send your amount to Mr.Usman?

Please use only fiver method to send any money to any seller including Mr.Usman. Because fiver is a safe way to get solutions and payments.

If you did not know how to pay on fiver with your ATM/Debit or Master Card, than i will give a video link at the end of this article which will help you to learn everything about Fiver and its payments.

Here are the links which will help you in various problems regarding how to make money online with android apps:

1. Click here to watch complete video about how to create admob account and get your ad codes?

2. Click here to watch video about how to use fiver and make payments with it?

3. Click here to watch video about how to buy android applications from codester and appcanyon?

4. Click here to watch video about how to create google console account?

5. Click here to watch video about how to upload your apps on apkpure store for free?

6. Click here to watch video about how to upload your apps on 9apps store for free?

7. Click here to watch video about how to upload your apps on aptoid store for free?

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