Call Sarzameen App Launched For Overseas Pakistanis –

If you are an overseas Pakistani, Here is great news for you and your family. M/o OPHRD has taken an initiative to provide a public facility to the Overseas Citizens by creating a one-stop complaints management system. This System is for complaints registration, tracking of complaints and providing feedback or suggestion.

There are thousands of Pakistani citizen are working in different countries in the world but if they face any serious issues regarding their security or privacy there were no many systems in Pakistan to get the immediate attraction of Government of Pakistan.

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But Therek-e-Insaf Government has taken an action and launched a Pak Sarzameen android application for overseas Pakistanis who are valuable assets of Pakistan. Definitely they will be very happy and moreover, they will more patriotic and think better for Pakistan and its economy.

As you know many travel agents working illegally to cross different country borders and demand huge amounts of Pakistani people which very risky and dangerous. Many peoples had died on the border while crossing illegally.

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If you are an overseas Pakistani and you have crossed any country border without Passport, captured by police doing something wrong, lost his documents like Passport, Visa etc he may contact with Pakistani Government through this Call Sarzameen android application which is specifically made for the overseas Pakistani.

But if a person not has any smartphone access or did not know about this application than his parents, family, children and friends may launch a complaint about him regarding his missing or other serious issues.

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Remember that when you submit your complaint regarding any issue which is commonly facing in another country you need to provide complete information because it will help Government officials to access seriously and in a fast motion.

How To Use Call Sarzameen Application?

You just install Call Sarzameen android application from the link given at the end of this article and complete your registration process.

Important: If you are an overseas Pakistanis relative or friends then you should register this app with your own complete details.

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After that, you can launch a complaint regarding your issues which are facing as an overseas Pakistani. You can monitor your complaint status on daily basis and Government Officials will also in contact with you during the whole scenario.