Changan Karwan 2021 On 5 Years Instalments


In this post we will discuss about Changan Karwan 2021 model. This beautiful vehicle is available on five years easy Instalments. This is very good and economy vehicle. This is better than Bolan and Suzuki Ravi. You can use this vehicle for family use as well as for booking purpus. It has very safe and smooth driving experience.

This beautiful vehicle is now available gor you on five years Instalments. A private firm which is dealing with this Changan Karwan. There rules are very simple and easy. Only CNIC of the buyers is required. They are offering upto 5 years instalments plan.

Down payment of this vehicle is 354000 and 29000 is monthly installment. After paying down payment, you will get this Changan Karwan. You can do your pick and drop service and earn.

This company is available in lahore. They are offering many other vehicles. But be careful while having deals with this company. Because this is a private firm. You should visit physically to thia company before starting any agreements. Do not believe on cals and pictures. Do not send money in advance. If you want to contact with this company owner, clik on the link given below.


Disclaimer: We are not owner or seller of this car. All deals and agreements totally depends on you and the owner/company. So be careful while having deals. We will not responsible for any benefit or loss.Thank you