Corruption App Pakistan – Report Corruption App Review

Prime Minister Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi has launched anti corruption local body system in the form of “Report Corruption App Pakistan”.

Corruption App Pakistan officially launched on the Google Playstore on Anti Corruption Day (Monday 09 December 2019)

This corruption application will help the Pakistani people to report any corrupt activity in their vicinity without any paperwork.

At this time, Report corruption app is only available for the people of Punjab province but soon it will be available for the whole Pakistani nation.

With the help of Report Corruption App, you can report any illegal corrupt activity without showing your information (Name, City and Mob) to anyone except concern authorities.

Corruption App Pakistan – Report Corruption App Review

Your information and identity will be in safe hands of the investigation team and will not disclose without your prior permission.

Prime Minister Imran Khan aims that he want to see Corruption free Pakistan as soon as possible in order to grow Economy of Pakistan.

Report corruption app is a modern way of anti corruption methodology. Because report corruption app is very easy to use by every smartphone user.

This anti corruption Pakistani app helps people to report any corrupt activity in urdu language with their own words and without any formalities.

Pakistani Government has been recovered billion of rupees from the corrupt system since 2018.

Corruption App Pakistan – Report Corruption App Review

How To Use “Report Corruption App”?

Report corruption app has 4 categories:

  • Report Complaint
  • Lodge Complaint
  • Trap Raids
  • Track Complaint

Now we will discuss each and every category of Report Corruption App Pakistan.

1. Report Complaint

In this category of report corruption app you can report any illegal activities which is seen by you or your friends who did not know how to report. You can attach all the proofs (audio / video) with Complete details about the activities. This category is mainly for those people who want to report public corruption problems.

2. Lodge Complaint

In Lodge Complaint category of anti corruption app Pakistan, you can report your own issues related to corrupt officials. If anyone demands any illegal act or money for doing your legal work, You can report this activity with all pictures and video proofs to punish that culprit.

3. Trap Raids

In Trap Raids Category of corruption app, You can identify any illegal activity with in your vicinity which is related to you or not. You should privide all the basic proofs for the raids and other anti corruption formalities.

4. Track Complaint

If you are thinking about how to track your Report corruption app complaints then don’t worry, because this anti corruption app provides you a facility to track all your complaints status with the tracking which will provide you when you submit your complaint.

“Report Corruption App Pakistan” didn’t need any Registration formalities. Just install from the link below and start making corruption free Pakistan.

Report corruption app free to download and install for android and iOS users.

If you want to download report corruption app free click on the link below.

Download “Report Corruption App”

Watch Video About How To Use Report Corruption App: