Dihatsu Coure 2010 Model For Sale

Friends, today I will share with you the details of the Dihatsu Coure 2010 model car which is in its original condition. There is no work in this car. You can get this car at a very low price. Read this post to know more.
The car is genuine. The engine has been redesigned. This car is giving a very good average. This car is available in silver color. The car is very clean and well maintained from the inside. Mechanically the vehicle is OK.

This vehicle is registered with Hyderabad number and is present in Hyderabad. The tires and wheels are brand new. You can get a car at a very low price.
Vehicle papers are clear. The price of this car will be Rs. 762,000. You can get the car for Rs. 700,000. Click on the link below to talk to the country.
You can go there and check the car. Pictures of the car are attached below for your convenience.


Disclaimer: We are not owner or seller of this car. This information is only for your help. All deals And agreements totally depends on you and the owner. Thanks