Hero Motorcycle 2014 Model


In this post we will talk about Hero Motorcycle 2014 model. Which is available in black colour.
This bike is in its original condition. And it has been used very carefully. The engine of this motorcycle giving a good average. The tires and tubes of this motorcycle have been changed. There is no work to do in the motorcycle. The seat of the motorcycle is in very good condition.

Besides, he has never had an accident with this motorcycle.
The owner has kept this motorcycle with great care. Motorcycle on petrol. It is giving a very good average. If we talk about the body of the motorcycle, then it has a black color and a very clean body.
The number plate of this motorcycle is original.

This motorcycle is registered with the number of Mianwali. This motorcycle has never been challaned. The owner says that its suspension is OK. The shocks of this motorcycle are absolutely great.

The price of this motorcycle has been demanded by the owner for Rs 21,000. But I think you will get this motorcycle for Rs 17,000 to Rs 18,000. But for that you have to contact the owner who is living in Mianwali. Click on the link given below to contact the owner. For your convenience, the original image of has been posted.


Disclaimer: We are not owner or seller of this Motorcycle. This information is available on internet in the shape of advertisement. All deals And agreements totally depends on you and the owner. We will not responsible for any benefit or loss.Thanks