House Construction Cost in Pakistan 2019-20 – Calculate Cement, Iron and Bricks Rate in Pakistan

If you want to know about the house construction cost in Pakistan, You need to read this article carefully.

I will tell you about how to calculate brick, cement, crush, iron and sand rates in Pakistan.

There are many house construction ideas are available on the internet for 5 Marla, 3 Marla, 10 Marla and you can check all house construction design ideas online.

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I will tell you about an awesome android application that will help you find the latest rates of house building construction material.

All the material rates are available as per the standard Pakistani rates.

With the help of this application you can:

  • Check latest rates of bricks in Pakistan
  • Check latest cement rates in Pakistan
  • Check latest iron rates in Pakistan
  • Check latest cemented block rates in Pakistan
  • Check how to mix concrete

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This application is very unique in an interface and will assist you to calculates house construction cost online in a single click.

If you want to check the quantity and rates of the bricks for your house then only need to enter walls height, length, Brick thickness, price and other formalities, you can also enter the details about estimated cement requirements and price.

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After putting all the information about bricks and cement, this house construction cost calculator application will give you a complete chart about the required quantity of bricks and cement and also gives you an estimated cost.

This application is unique to check iron quantity and price. If you want to check the latest rates of iron or quantity of iron which is required for your house construction, you need to enter the size of the building or area where you want to use this iron.

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This application will give you the quantity of iron and price within a few seconds to help you in house construction cost calculate.

With the help of this construction cost calculator application, you can also check the latest rates of cemented blocks which is popular in Pakistan for house construction in less time and price.

I advise you to search about the construction mistakes on the google and youtube before you start your house construction process.

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You should also search on the google and youtube about the designs of 5 marla house, 3 marla house, 8 marla house, 10 marla house and other house designs as per your requirement to improve your house construction ideas.

In our country Pakistan, it is very hard to construct your own house because of the increasing prices of iron, cement, bricks and other construction materials.

Download the app below to check your house construction material and cost.