How to Apply in Ehsas Undergraduate Scholarship Phase 2 ?


Ehsaas undergraduate scholarship is the scholarship for only undergraduate students not for the MS,phd or mphil students. This Scholarship is basically need base as well as Merit Base. Phase 1 was started in Dec 2019. This phase is completed almost and many of students got their cheque from there institutes. Now the Phase 2 has been started from 5th September 2020. In this phase terms and conditions are same as for phase 1. Pakistan goverment has been announced that they will give almost 200,000 students ehsaas scholarship in the coming 4 years to facilitate them for the undergraduate studies. Those students who can not pay their fee and can not bear other university expenditures will be awarded by ehsaas scholarship.Last date for phase 2 is 30th October.

Eligibility Criteria For Ehsaas Scholarship Program

Applicants with the following terms and conditions can apply for ehsaas scholarship.

  • Applicants for low income family can apply
  • Newly admitted students
  • If the Degree program is allowed by the HEC.
  • Students which is from the list of 125 universities can apply.
  • Students who got admission on self support is not eligible.
  • Students who have already received any scholarship is not eligible.
  • Only regular students are eligible for this program not for the distant students.
  • Age limit which is set by the institutions for admissions

Benefits Of Ehsaas Scholarship:

These are the following benefits which received the selected candidates.

  • Yearly RS:40000 rupees for expenditure
  • Tuition fees of all remaining semesters
  • There will be 4 lac scholarships awarded to students in next 4 years
  • 50% quota for the only Female students.
  • Students with the disabilities and those which are from backward areas will be preferred.

How to apply?

  • You can Apply by just visiting the hec ehsaas portal and by signing up your ehsaas account
  • Application should be submitted before the deadline
  • Applications after the deadline will not be accepted.

Required Documents:

These are required documents for each applicants who is applying for ehsaas scholarship phase 2:

  1. One photocopy of applicant CNIC or B. Form
  2. One photocopy of CNIC (Father, Mother or Guardian)
  3. Income Certificate of father or guardian/salary sli
  4. If father is not a government servant than you need to attach the undertaking of Rs. 50 amount stamp paper.
  5. last six months Copies of Utility Bills -if applicable(gas,water,electricity)
  6. Rent agreement copy if you are on rent.
  7. One photocopy of Last Time paid semester fee of applicant or siblings educational expenditure or paid chalan
  8. Medical bills and other expenditure photo copies (if applicable)
  9. Only 01 Passport size applicant Photograph
  10. Front side picture of your house

Is our university included or not?

Many students asking about their their universities eligibility for ehsaas scholarship.

Click here to Download Universities list by HEC .

Important Note: Printed form/hard copy of all online filled with the necessary documents should be submitted in your university scholarship office or dues office.

Must read these instructions before Form Filling:

  • Fill all details correctly(if any entry gone wrong you can edit after printing form but it is not good thing)
  • How you pay First Semester fee,this question answer must be reasonable which must shows you do not afford your first semester fee as well.
  • I have taken loan from bank,do not try this reason, if you have not taken the loan,because at the time of interview you will have no proof for any kind of loan,so be careful.
  • Your expenditures must be greater than your current income of father(because if your family can manage all the expenditures in your father salary then why they offer you a scholarship?)
  • Father income must be less than Rs:45000/-
  • Why you deserve this scholarship or why are you applying for this scholarship, answer this question also carefully, and if you shows your expenditures are more than income then you can easily answer it by valid points.