How to apply in tiger force?

Everyone knows about the covid-19 and its issues.Therefore Pakistan government decided to make tiger force,who will be active in this penadamic and later on.

This force working stopped due to some reasons and opposition ask to government to regulate this force.

There today pm imran khan decided to talk with tiger force in islamabad.He asked tiger force to do their work. No need to interfere with other and just do following steps.

  1. Make a picture of disperse(zakheera andozi) places or shopkeeper wrong or not available rate list
  2. Send this pic to Tiger force portal
  3. Don’t interfere with them
  4. Administration will take steps

This is really amazing way of doing tiger force job.IK can not give authority to tiger force beacuse of scammers who will active as a tiger force man and thet will steal many shops and other peoples.

Tiger force portal link: