How To Block Unwanted Calls and SMS on Android? – Secret Android Setting

Are you angry with unknown numbers which will always disturb you everywhere?. Do not worry Today, I will tell you about a call blacker android application which will help you to block all unwanted calls and SMS in one second.

“Calls Blacklist” is a dual machine a call blocker and an SMS blocker. It can without much of a stretch square calls and messages from undesirable, private (covered up, mysterious) or obscure numbers.


On the off chance that you are worn out on irritating calls or messages: telemarketing, spam and robocalls, at that point “Calls Blacklist” is your answer. It is exceptionally simple and lightweight, yet amazing call blocker.

The main you need is to add undesirable numbers to the boycott.


This application likewise gives completely useful inherent SMS detachment.

You can without much of a stretch send, get and oversee SMS. Additionally, you can oversee discussions and square SMS spam utilizing only one application. When you empowered SMS hindering, the application’s worked in SMS detachment become accessible.


You can deal with every single undesirable number, and significantly more – utilizing this application you can square spammers by the content of messages. What’s more, obviously, it is anything but difficult to spare boycotted numbers to the record and import them on another gadget.


✔️ Block calls and SMS utilizing boycott.

✔️ Block obscure numbers.

✔️ Block private/shrouded numbers.

✔️ Block a scope of numbers utilizing the “Starts with” alternative.

✔️ Block SMS from alphanumeric numbers.

✔️ Block SMS by content.

✔️ Block all numbers.

✔️ Block all calls while sound talk or VoIP call is set up.

✔️ Use “Whitelist” to forestall square of specific individuals.

✔️ An icon in the status bar can be killed.

✔️ Get notices of closing or turn them off.

✔️ “Timetable”: indicate a time to square calls or messages.

✔️ “Log” of blocking.

✔️ Save/load boycott.

✔️ Turn on/off the boycott.

✔️ Robust call blocker and SMS blocker.


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