How to change call log on android?

Hello guys, today I will tell you about awesome android setting that will help you to change any call log.

The best and the most straightforward approach to include and alter your telephone call log.

You can alter the time, date, span, call type, and telephone number for any call you have made.

Likewise, you can add any call to the log with a particular time, date, during and type.

As such, you can alter you log as you like.

Another element; that you Can reinforcement your call history (log) and reestablish it.

0. This application will show up as “Telephone” on your cell phone to ensure your security.

1. This application doesn’t store any client information.

2. This application works disconnected and doesn’t require a web association.

3. It’s a sans ads application (appreciate without promotions).

4. No enrollment is required.

6. Basic, dependable and simple to utilize

This application may demand an entrance to peruse and compose the call log, and this is typical for this usefulness.

Guest Id Sec enables you to securely approve calls with no hazard to your telephone bill from premium rate numbers to jane and john doe’s.

Why Caller id Sec?

Each time you get back to a missed call that is obscure you are in danger of calling a superior rate numer which will acquire enormous expenses on your telephone bill.

How can it work

Simply enter the number in the guest id area and select check. We have additionally included the component where you can choose the number from the missed call logs straightforwardly.

You will be alarmed with the status of that number as ‘Premium – hazardous’ or ‘Premium – safe’. You may add that number to your telephones square rundown by choosing square.

Have any inquiries?

Send bolster an email and we will be happy to help

Whats new?

*Near moment approval of numbers

*Call log number import

*We have expelled a few highlights in consistence with google play

Not far off

* Realtime number approval – our application will run out of sight naturally checking every approaching call and telling you of their legitimacy

This application furnishes a basic quest with request criteria screen for your Call Log.

This application furnishes a basic quest with request criteria screen for all your Call Log that come pre-introduced with Android advanced mobile phones.

It enable you to limit the call log to a chose date run, show all out incoming,outgoing,missed minutes for that chose date run, Delete All component to erase at “one shot” call logs for that chose date go.

Different uses incorporate attempting to discover which number call you or you call them longest or most as often as possible, see just missed calls from Unknown or number in your Contacts and so on.

The application bolster English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese presentation.

Callpecker is an ongoing call log application that ideally makes your life somewhat simpler. It breakdown all calls so you dispose of copies and makes it speedier to call your preferred numbers.

If you don’t mind send criticism to and we will improve Callpecker to meet your requirements!

Fundamental highlights

– One-tick call

– Only one thing for every number in call log

– Favorite people and numbers

– Remove numbers from ongoing call log

– Contact pictures

– Small/Medium/Large letter text style

– Customized appearance

– View/Edit/Add contact

– Search number or contact

– Send email or SMS/MMS to contacts


While tapping on the consider button a call will be straightforwardly made to the number you have chosen. An additional vibration warning whenever added to make you mindful of that the call is started.

In the event that the number isn’t realized nothing will happen while clicking this activity.

Menu activities

A menu bar shows up while clicking a thing in the call list.

Include contact

On the off chance that the number in call log isn’t found in your reaches, you can without much of a stretch include the number as another contact by choosing this alternative.

In the contact editorial manager you can pick what sort of number it is, similar to portable, work and so forth.

View contact

In the event that you have an ongoing call with an individual that is accessible in you gets in touch with, you can go straightforwardly from the thing in the call rundown to see the contact data in the contacts application.


Up to a number in the call list isn’t obscure, you can set up the dial application with the thing’s number.

The activity won’t make any call. Simply enter the number to the dial application.


At the point when a thing in the call list log is related with one of you contacts and the contact has one or a few email tends to associated, you can utilize this activity to make a new email utilizing your preferred email application.

In the event that the contact has a few email tends to associated, you get a choice box to browse.


On the off chance that the thing in the call list is associated with a contact and the number is labeled as portable number, you can utilize this activity to begin sending a SMS/MMS to the given versatile number.

Note that this activity possibly shows up if the number is set to type “Versatile” in you contact.


Utilize this activity to evacuate the entirety of the chose number from call log.

Note that contacts associated with the number won’t be expelled from the contacts list.

People you call frequently can be added to your preferred rundown. The top choices will be appeared at the highest point of the call list.

By means of settings you can decide to possibly show your top picks in the most loved rundown or on the off chance that you likewise need to show them the regular call list.