How To Check Internet Signal Quality at Home? – Measure Your Wi-Fi Signal Strength

Today in this article, I will tell you about an android application which allows you to check your internet signal quality/strength or measure your wifi signal strength.

You can say that it is an internet signal strength test application. With the help of this amazing android application, you can check your 3G/4G network signal quality.

How To Check Internet Signal Quality at Home? – Measure Your Wi-Fi Signal Strength

In the subcontinent, there is no country which provides 100% 3G/4G coverage to its citizens. So it is necessary to have an android application which helps them to find good internet speed and to find high-quality wifi signal strength.

Internet or wifi signal strength is a very important part of the life of the users who use the internet in their every routine or life. But if the signal quality of the internet provider is poor than it could be painful for the users.

Normally you did not know about which place of your room/house is better for good wifi or internet service provider company’s signals to use the internet at a good speed.

But if you use this “Signal Strength” android application, you will be able to find the best locations for good internet and wifi signal qualities at your home.

This awesome android app will work perfectly in all over the world to check wifi signal strength db or internet signal quality within a few seconds.

How To Check Internet Signal Quality at Home? – Measure Your Wi-Fi Signal Strength

Signal Strength application will help you to check your home wifi signal quality, 2G network, 3G network, 4G and 5G network quality at your home.

When you complete its installation process and open the app, you will see the simplest interface with a smart meter which will help you to check your network signal quality.

If you want to check wifi signal strength than click on the wifi button, the needle will show the quality or strength of the wifi signals at your current place.

Click on the 2G, 3G or 4G as you want to check your desired network signal quality or DB for the current place. A needle will move with your hand’s movement in which you hold your smartphone.

You can also find many other functions in this amazing application like

  • Signal Quality Test
  • Internet Speed Test
  • Report Bugs
  • Wifi Network Quality
  • Wifi Devices
  • Network Info Module
  • Nearest Cellular Towers
  • Cellular Alerts
  • Cellular Logs
  • Bluetooth Devices

You will not find this app on the google play store but if you want to instal signal strength app for free, just click on the red download button below.