How To Hide Pictures and Videos on Android Gallery? Secret Mobile Trick

There are billions of Android users taking images and recording videos privately from their smartphones and sometimes they face problems to save these images in mobile phones so they want to know that how can we hide our private pictures and videos on android device gallery?

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There are a lot of ways to protect or hide images from the android gallery but today, I will tell you about an android application which will work as a Chrome browser but it will be your secret wallet where you can save your private images and videos.

It was very difficult to hide photos in the gallery but this app made everything so simple and secure. Its a best android application to store pictures and videos in mobiles gallery.

If somebody wants to search any secret image or video wallet, he will fail because for others it looks like a chrome browser but actually it will work for a secret locker where you can hide your images secretly.

How Does It work?

After installing the app you will find a simple interface to select your favourite search engine that will basically show when anybody opens the app. After that, you need to choose at least four digits password for your private photos and videos which will store in this app.

Now you will see the simple search engine main page and can search for anything you want. But when you put your password in the search bar and press the search button then it will open a secret gallery where you can create different folders and upload your private images and videos to protect them from your friends and family.

How To Hide Photos and videos on android gallery?