How To Increase Internet Packages Life?

Hello guys, today I will tell you about an android app that will blow your mind.

This application basically works as an internet access blocker for your smartphone android apps.

After installing and activating, this app will reduce internet consumption from those apps which did not supposed to consume data.

It will be very helpful for you and yor pocket.

Some other features of this application are:

This Internet Blocker permits you to Block Internet Access on Apps.

With Internet Blocker application now you can hinder certain applications from interfacing with the web.

This encourages clients to decrease information utilization, prevent an application from downloading foundation information, oversee battery use and improve protection. It lets you totally square access to the web with one touch.

Net Blocker permits you to square applications from getting to the web without root necessity. As you known, there are applications and games which may Access the Internet just to show promotions or take your own information, Continue to get to the web out of sight benefits in any event, when you left.

In this way, you ought to consider to square applications from getting to the web to help:

★ Reduce your information utilization

★ Increase your security

★ Save your battery


1. Square Internet on Particular App :

The Internet Blocker application debilitate the web for chose applications. The applications you are not utilizing and as yet getting to the web then you can desiable the web access for that application.

2. Show Application Usage in Memory (MB/GB) With (Today, Yesterday, Week and Month) with Chart.

The Internet Blocker application additionally shows the information devoured by any application in a day. This will assist clients with managing their web action.

3. Show Application Usage in Time (Hour/Minute) With (Today, Yesterday, Week and Month) with Chart :

Web Blocker additionally has an application use include which shows the App utilization Time (Hour/Minute) With (Today, Yesterday, Week and Month) with Chart. This will assist clients with dealing with their App use action.

4. Select Application show Application Usage (Memory and Time) from Applications List :

Web Blocker Shows both Application Usage in Memory and Application Usage in Time or perticular applications.

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