How To Make Money Online With Unique WhatsApp Groups? – Whatsapp Money Making Complete Process Explained

Hello guys, Today I will tell you about an unique method which will help you to earn money online by creating special WhatsApp Group.

There are millions of people are searching for new opportunities to make money online without any investment or referral programs because both are very hard to manage by a common man.

The online earning method which is discussed in this article, very unique and special because you can manage it by using your Smartphone without any type of investment.

1. Which type of WhatsApp Group You Should Create?

Ans: To Make Money Online, you need to create private WhatsApp group and set its privacy as only you can post in that particular group.

You can choose an unique name of that particular WhatsApp group like Knowledge World, Knowledge Stream, Info Tech, and Tech Life Etc.

2. Which things you should post in that group?

Ans: You Should post undermentioned material in WhatsApp group which was created for making money online:

1. PDF Books

2. PDF Newspaper

3. Latest Movies Links

4. Free TV Links

5. Latest News and Updates

6. Latest Jobs Advertisements

7. Sunday Magazines in PDF Formates

8. Cricket Updates

9. Educational Helping Material

10. Past Papers of all schools, colleges and Universities

11. Moral Stories

12. Movies in MP4 and 3gp Formates

13. All Famous Talk Shows Clips

14. All other material which could be helpful for that particular groups members.

3. What is an Important Task after creating that particular WhatsApp Group?

Ans: After creating WhatsApp group, you need to share its link in different platforms like other WhatsApp groups, Facebook groups, YouTube, Instagram to get maximum peoples in your group of knowledge.

You should keep posting knowledgeable stuff for more than 20 to 40 days which helps group members and keep them updated regarding each and every thing which you describe in group description.

4. How to start making money from that particular WhatsApp group?

Ans: When you feel that people who joined your WhatsApp group are getting better info and entertainment stuff than you will post in your group that all members will pay Rs.50 monthly fee to remain in this group.

People who enjoys your knowledge and other stuff will definitely buy your groups monthly subscription without any hesitations because Rs. 50 is not a huge amount for 1 month to get knowledgeable stuff everyday.

5. How much money you can earn from creating that type of WhatsApp group?

Ans: How much money you will earn from WhatsApp groups depends on the number of groups created/managed by you/your team.

Here we can calculate the income of paid WhatsApps groups:

By Creating only 1 WhatsApp group:

Members 250 X Rs. 50 = Rs. 12500

By Creating 02 WhatsApp groups:

Members 500 X Rs. 50 = Ra. 25000

By Creating 03 WhatsApp Groups:

Members 750 X Rs. 50 = Rs. 37500

Its simple, if you want to make more money than you need to create or viral your more WhatsApp groups.

6. Which payment method should be used to collect payments from the users?

Ans: You can use any method to collect payments from users/members like Jazz Cash, Easypaisa, Upaisa, Bitcoin, Paypal, Perfect Money and Bank Accounts.

In this article, you have learned complete process about how to make money online by creating an unique WhatsApp group.

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