How To Make Money & Petrol With Carvertise? || Complete Information

How to make money on the internet is the most asking question in the modern world, but if I say that today you can earn money online and free petrol for your car as well, will you agree with me?

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Carvertise is an amazing concept by a Pakistani to help poor people to make money & earn free petrol. It is an android application which will help you to get success in the money making process.

Carvertise is designed in the same concept of Creem & Uber but its method of earning is different from them. in Carvertise you are not bounded with the customer or company.

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There are two types of Carvertiser app. One is available for Advertiser and second is for the vehicle owner. Both can manage all their activities in their respective applications.

Carvertiser pays people to run ads on their vehicles like Cars, Mini Buses, Buses & Coasters etc. oh are you thinking about ads which will run/show on your car? Let me explain

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In order to earn from Carvertiser application, you need to follow some simple steps:

Step 1.

If you are an Advertiser Install Carvertise Advertiser app, in order to make money with Carvertiser app and earn free petrol from it, you should install Carvertiser app.

Step 2.

Create your account with all your actual details and follow the instructions about profile setting. You need to enter complete details of your vehicle like Licence number, Engine number & Chases number etc.

Step 3.

After completing your profile settings and other formalities you will need to read all FAQ’s deeply because it will be very helpful for you.

Step 4.

After reading all the FAQ’s and understanding all terms & conditions you need to register yourself in order to start earning free petrol and money from Carvertiser app.

You need to pay some fees to register your account in Carvertiser company as per your vehicle. For example, Car registration fee may be 1000 Rupees and Bus/Coaster registration fee can be up to 5000 Rupees.

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Important Note: To pay the registration fee will be your own decision and we are not responsible for any inconvenience because we are not the owner of the company. We only share some useful information here, Before implementation, you need to verify all the details discussed in this article.

Step 5.

Now you can start your campaigns to earn more money and free petrol from Carvertiser earning programme in Pakistan.

Step 6.

You will earn free petrol for your vehicle in return of your services, but if you want to withdraw money equal to earned petrol value, you can withdraw in your accounts.

Carvertiser will provide all the vehicle wrapping facilities to avoid any problem for you and your vehicle, So no need of worrying to wrap or unwrap your vehicle without any scratch.

All other details are available in Carvertiser app FAQ’s section &