How To Protect Mobile Screen Touch Sensor?

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Contact Protector is a touch impairing application to forestall unintended procedure on the touch screen and fastens.

This application incapacitates contact procedure on the other application which is shown on the screen. Generally adaptable and no promotio
many use cases, even the application designer couldn’t discover them.

– When strolling while at the same time watching a guide, regardless of whether you contact the screen accidentally, the guide will follow the GPS without moving.

– While playing the music video, you can walk bolting the telephone and placing it in the pocket.

– When demonstrating an image to your companion, by locking the telephone and giving it over, you can forestall different photographs from being seen.

– When working while at the same time showing the activity manual on the screen, regardless of whether you unintentionally contact the screen, it won’t respond, so it’s alright.

– When you scrub down while viewing a video on a waterproof telephone, bolting the telephone can forestall breakdown brought about by water beads.

– When utilizing a waterproof telephone as a route for a bike, regardless of whether it downpours it can forestall mistaken activity by water beads.

– Using the topsy turvy locking, strolling with lower hands will bolt the telephone consequently, halting and watching a telephone will open it naturally, so it becomes measures against messaging while at the same time strolling.

– Automatic locking is conceivable when placing in a pocket or sack with vicinity sensor lock.

– If use utilize a book type spread, programmed bolting when shutting with the spread, programmed opening when opening the spread, with nearness sensor lock.

– and so forth.

On the off chance that you have other intriguing use cases, if you don’t mind compose it in the remark and I’m satisfied.

Suggested settings

It is valuable to turn on the accompanying three for locking.

– Shake locking

– Proximity secured bolting

– Upside down locking

It is sheltered to turn on just the accompanying three for opening.

– Right side up opening

– Volume up key opening

– Volume down key opening

This application utilizes an Accessibility Service

By making a lock state incapacitating the touch board and the equipment button while showing different applications, this application empowers individuals to get a handle on the cell phone safely and peruse the screen with certainty. This application utilizes an openness administration to square tasks of programming and equipment catches when in bolted state, yet doesn’t utilize, spare, or transmit client’s info data or individual information.

For Android 8~ clients

If it’s not too much trouble note that there are beneath constraints on Android 8 and higher gadgets because of Google’s strategy

– HOME and RECENTS can’t be blocked. They show up in the event that you contact the screen base. Unintended activities are alleviated by concealing the catches when the screen will be bolted.

– Notification cabinet can’t be blocked. It shows up in the event that you contact the screen top. “Empower propelled highlights” mitigates unintended tasks by concealing it naturally.

Crisis opening

On the off chance that you can not open your gadget, attempt followings.

– Plug a capacity to your gadget.

– Call to your telephone and contact its screen.

– Touch multiple times gadget’s screen to show other opening methods.

– Pull off the SIM card from your telephone to reboot it persuasively.

– Do web search with “power reboot your-gadget name” and attempt the discovered method to reboot your gadget.

As often as possible Asked Questions

– Can POWER key be blocked while bolted? No, this application can’t square POWER key occasion because of Android OS restriction.