How To Set Any Video As Your Wallpaper? – Best Live Wallpaper App For Android Lovers

Today in this article, I will tell you about an awesome live wallpaper app that will blow your mind.

More about app:
Enable you to set your dedication video or any video as Live Wallpaper

Video Live Wallpaper is a clear live backdrop that enables you to set your very own video as a live backdrop activity!

Do you have that ideal home made video of your cherished one that you’d love to see on your Android gadget’s home screen? What about a music video? Or then again why not a whole motion picture?

Numerous codecs and organizations are upheld. Decisions are practically boundless.

Video Live Wallpaper is an instrument that enable you to set your dedication video or any video as Live Wallpaper.

You can stop your video whenever by double tap on playing video and it will be enacted as your backdrop.

This application is advanced for less battery utilization, still on the off chance that you think video is devouring more battery juice, than you can delay video on your preferred scene and it will end up being your static backdrop.

One final thing: this is a live backdrop and in that capacity, puts no symbol to your home screen or application cabinet.

Visit your backdrop settings to utilize this live backdrop. On most gadgets, the backdrop menu can be gotten to by squeezing the menu button when on a home screen, or by long-contacting an unfilled piece of a home screen.


• Set your own video as a live backdrop!

• App to claim your own live backdrop.

• Enable or cripple sound.

• Fit with screen.

• This application is streamlined for least battery use.

• Supported video types 3GPP (.3gp), MPEG-4 (.mp4).

• Double tap the screen at whenever to delay the video.

On the off chance that you are having specialized issues or have any inquiries on this application you can email us.

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