How to use Google Lens and search what you see

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Today, i will tell you about How to use Google lens and search what you see . This tool is really amazing. You can search anything which is in your hand or anywhere else. You can do it by just pointing your camera to object, and you will get fast results.


1.Scan and Translate

By using this app we can translate different language paragraph and automatically google lens recognize the language of text and translate into our desired language. we can also scan the paragraphs by just pointing camera towards desired document. We can copy text from images easily by just importing images on google lens.

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How to use Google lens and search what you see

2.Identifying Plants and Animals

Sometime we see the plants and animals and we could not recognize it. so by using goole lens application you can identify the plant and that animal easily. This application will give all information about that plant or animal.

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How to use Google lens and search what you see

3.Find The Design You Like

Sometimes we could not select our design for our room,office and restaurents and we try some random designs for setting of room. Google lens application also searches for designs which are similar to your room or office. These designs are professional and you can easily select your own choice design from the collection.

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4.Exploring Everything

By using google lens you can explore everything of nature as well. You can search nature beauty locations and also similar places and many of these exploring things of nature which would you like to explore. Just open your camera and point out that object, it will search that object.

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5.Scan Codes

Normally, we use barcode reader and other equipments to scan these digital codes but now we can scan barcodes and QR codes by using this application. You will get all information hidden in these codes by just scanning these codes.


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