Hyundai Santro 2005 For Sale

Assalamu alaikum


today I will inform you about Hyundai santro 2005 model car which is available in very lush condition you can check this car thoroughly and decide to purchase it or not.i can tell you that this is very amazing and beautiful car which is well maintained by the owner. It will be available in very low price and if you check this car it have very beautiful body, interior and exterior is also in neat and clean condition. engine is very powerful and maximum this hyundai Santro car is driven on petrol that’s why its engine is in very good condition because you  you know that the car which is driven on petrol is a more powerful engine then driven on CNG.

if we talk about its suspension then I can tell you that its suspension is hundred percent ok and its matting is original. I can tell you that it’s AC working in very good condition and company fitted. New tires are recently replaced with new ones and wheels are also replaced. Mechanically this car is super perfect. If you are looking for beautiful car and low budget car then it is for you.

according to ownerr mileage of this car is very low and metre is in original condition. No Work required for this car, you can just buy and can buy it from faisalabad, its registration number is also registered by faisalabad number. about documents then it’s document is in original condition and clear. Toke Up to date till 2021.

If you are Interested in this car you can contact with the owner and offer him some amount for this car. owner of this car demanding 735000 but you can tell him your offer according to your own thinking. Easily contact with the owner by clicking the link which is given below. Pictures of this car are attached herewith



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