Imported Nissan Days Highstar for sale

In this video, i will tell you about nissan days highway star. I will tell you all info about this car. The fuel type of this car fuel. It is 2007 model but it is imported in 2020.

It has radar,eco idle,multimedia steering and auto lights. There is very amazing feature of this car is digital touch imate control system, which is very rare in pakistani cars. It has alloy wheels,new tyres and 1 dash camera fitted automatically.

It has also fog light,keyless entry and push start system. There are many other features of this car are available which you can ask from the seller after contacting with him on given number at the end of the article.

Kindly make sure the documents of this car because it is imported so check all the duty paids for this car.

I hope you will enjoy this car after buying it. Make sure your among security, if you are going to purchase it.

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Seller Contact Number

Contact With seller through Given Link.Thank You