Latest Secret Code for Whatsapp Chat – #Whatsapp_Tips&Tricks

Hello whatsapp lovers how are you? Today, I will tell you about an amazing WhatsApp trick that will blow your mind. This trick is very unique and user-friendly.

No doubt, Whatsapp is the most important part of our social life. Millions of people are using whatsapp for different purposes like chat, sharing files, sending video and much more. But when you are driving are doing something important and did not have time to reply WhatsApp messages, but your friends may force you to reply as early as possible.

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If you are thinking about the solution to that problem in which you cannot reply to your WhatsApp messages in time or in a hurry. So do not worry, Today, I will tell you about a cool android application named “Typing Hero”

The typing hero will help you to create template messages for whatsapp. You can create your desired message and give this message a shortcode like “11” or “456”. When you type this shortcode in WhatsApp and press one space then it will show its template message which will most powerful trick because with the help of this trick you can send a 100 word WhatsApp message in 1 second.

For example:

If My message is: “Hi brother, Sorry I cannot attend your call because I m driving but see you at home in 30 minute”.

My Shortcode: If  I set a shortcode of 2 or more figures like “11” or “456”.

When I will type 11 and give one space in the Whatsapp chat then above template message will be displayed in the chatbox, press the send button and your friend will receive the full message within no time.

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Mor About Typing Hero:

Composing Hero is a high caliber, yet free content expander application. It causes you changes (extends) your own watchword to any long content you need in a moment.


* Unlimited Snippet (pair of catchphrase and content)

* Import “Expressions” from Texpand

* Undo content development by squeezing Delete/Backspace

* Show coordinating Snippet as you type

* Expand content as per composed watchword case

* Search

* Translation: English, Indonesian, Spanish (Beatriz Villanueva Molina, Joel Israel Garcia), Italian (Gabriele D’Ettorre), German (Rainer Lang, Steffen Trog), Hindi (Sangam Panda), French (Enzo), Chinese (Zero), Russian (Max Sergeyenko)

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Premium (later on):

* Dark subject

* Snippet to embed date and time data

* Snippet to duplicate content in the current information part

* Snippet to glue content into current information segment

* Snippet with different content

* Snippet to perform straightforward math activity

* App whitelist (enable Typing Hero to work just for certain applications)

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