Mechanical Keyboard apk free download – Best Keyboard for Smartphones

RGB Animated Backlit Mechanical Keyboard – apk free download.

Today I am talking about a wonderful application, the best application ever for android mobile phones. It is an RGB animated backlit mechanical keyboard.

It is a standard mechanical keyboard for android mobile phone. This application launch for the first time and have a lot of features.

The mechanical keyboard is a full pc keypad that offers to enjoy pc keyboard.

It has RGB breathing back lite, 3D lights, LED lights and 3D rendered graphics.

The mechanical keyboard has 6.8 MB in size, 4.2 in rating and 50,000+ installs. It is used for all android mobile phones very easily.


How it is easy to use?

The mechanical keyboard is easy to use and very simple customize function in it.

Has it is easy to use at night?

Yes, it has a dark mode to use at night.

Have any sound effect on it?

Yes, it has a lot of sound effects like a real mechanical keyboard.

Has any indicator in it?

The mechanical keyboard has an LED indicator for caps lock, NUM lock and also power.

Any backlight effects in it?

No doubt it has RGB backlight effects.

Have any colours for more fun?

The mechanical keyboard has 16 million colours and RGB rainbow waves effects.

How we use it on the landscape?

Of course, you use it on landscape mode and enjoy like a tablet.

Any theme for fun in it?

Yes, it has a lot of theme for fun to make it more gorgeous and beautiful.

Any correction of spelling and check spelling and grammar in it?

The mechanical keyboard has also check spelling and correction of spelling and also improve your English vocabulary.

RGB Animated Backlit Mechanical Keyboard – apk free download.

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