Mitsubishi Minica Good Condition car for sale

Mitsubishi Minica is a very luxurious car in good price range. The price of this car 785,000. It is 11 model car which is 182,000 km. Karachi number registered car. Overall the car interior is good. According to the owner this car it is very good condition car.

The model of the car is 11 but it was registered in 2014. The manual transmission car has 2 doors. The fuel average of this is almost 13km/L. Overall the maintenance record for this car is available.

Brand new alloy wheels are fitted in this car. The car is completely white. You don’t need to spend money on it for any kinds of work.

It is the first owner car and it has cool condition. There are some scratches on the car which you will see after visiting this car which is recommended for every buyer to visit the car before making any kinds of deal. Drive it by yourself and then go for deal. It is a better way for car purchasing from any person from any platform.

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