Mobile Curtain Apk Free Download – Hide Your Chats and Enjoy

Millions of people are using WhatsApp while traveling from one place to another. But when they are on the way they feel insecure to chat with their loved ones due to nearly sitting peoples who always look their every activity.

During traveling it’s not always easy to chat with friends and family so that there is an application which will help you to chat with friend’s and family in population or bus stop.

This amazing android application will help you to hid your chats with a screen cover.

If anybody wants to look at your mobile screen he failed and read an idiot message for him like “its hide due to a reason, idiot”.

After reading this type of note, I hope he will not look again at your mobile screen while you are chatting with your friends and family.

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Why Should We Use Mobile Curtain Application?

This application will help you to hide your messages, WhatsApp, facebook, twitter, tinder, Instagram and other secret chats from others who sit near you and always looking at your mobile screen.

You can also hide chats of wechat and snap chat. This will really help you in population and while traveling.

Can We Hide Our Video Chat by using This Application?

Yes, you can hide video calls of WhatsApp, facebook and many other social media platforms.

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How To Use This App?

After installing by the link which is available at the end of this article, You should grant access to this application in your phone.

A pop window will open and you can click and manage curtain as per your requirements.

Any Other Features of This Application?

Yes, you can also active snow effective on the active curtain. Snow falling will be shown when you hide your screen with a curtain.

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This app also supports many languages and you can hide your all social media chats from others.

I hope you will love and enjoy this amazing android application which is useful for you and your friends.

This application is totally free and you can install it from the link given below at this article and enjoy the snow falling scenes at your mobile screens.

Now, nobody will able to look at your mobile screen while you are traveling or sitting in pollution area.

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