Modified Suzuki FX

Friends, today I will share with you the details of Suzuki FX which is a fully modified car. This car has been completely replaced. Its roof has been removed. Instead of four, it now has two doors. The red color has been applied on it. The condition of the vehicle has been completely changed.

Now this Suzuki FX looks like a sports car. The owner has worked hard on it. Its tires and wheels are brand new. There were no accidents with this vehicle. You will find this car very cheap.

The price of the car is very low. You can get this car for one lakh rupees. This vehicle is registered with Karachi number. It is present in Karachi at present. The owner says that there is no one to do the work in this car.

The engine is in excellent condition. The mechanically, vehicle is in excellent condition. The car’s span is OK.
In addition, you can use the car on both CNG and petrol.
The car papers are perfectly clear. CPLC is also clear. Token is up to date. There is no work to do. Click on the link below to buy the car. Below are the original pictures of the car for convenience.


Disclaimer: we are not owner or seller of this car. This information is only for your help. And available on internet in the shape of advertisement. All deals And agreements totally depends on you and the owner. So be careful while having deals. Thanks