New Online Earning App in Pakistan – #Photon Pong – Earn Free LTC

Hello Guys, Today in this article, I will tell you about an android game that will make you rich. This amazing android application named “Photon Pong” will help you to earn unlimited LTC (Lite Coin) cryptocurrency by just playing a simple game on your smartphone.

You can say that this an awesome android game that will help you to make money on mobile by just playing games. Its a very easy game and you will get immediately all your withdrawals.

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Many people were asking about the reality of this app that Photon Pong is real or fake? I must say that it is paying now but I did not know the time that it will pay you regularly.

If you want to make some handsome income by just playing games on your mobile then you can join this application. This app will give you a more attractive experience.

To make money by playing games on this app you need a coinbase email address to get your withdraw instantly. I have received me withdraw when it reaches on the 100 LTC within only five minutes.

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I f you did not have any coinbase wallet, you should visit youtube and search how to create a coinbase wallet after that create that wallet and install this app to earn money online on mobile by just playing games.

You can make more money by referring your friends on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and other social media platforms with your unique referral link. You will get 40% commission of your referrals earnings. I must say that this is the best-earning app in Pakistan.

Gain Cryptocurrencies with this game. Skip the ball off to acquire 1 litoshi, eat a dab to win 10.

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It’s overly simple to profit.

Try not to give the ball a chance to escape by tilting your telephone to turn and control the circle doors.

1. Tap on the wallet and register/enter your Coinbase account.

2. Play the game and procure at any rate of 100 litoshis (nano Litecoin).

3. Guarantee Litecoin at regular intervals.

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Attempt to hit the irregular speck on your way to open the followings:

Open all balls including:

  • Snooker ball
  • Ping pong ball
  • Tennis ball
  • Orange ball
  • Volleyball
  • Upbeat face ball
  • what’s more, open bars as well:
  • Neon bar
  • Sweet treat
  • Chocolate bar
  • More sweet treats 🙂

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