Who won the Election 2020-Who is the President Of United States 2020

Mr Biden will be the 46th president in January

USA election results 2020:

According to the recent results Joe Biden has been elected the President of the United States 2020, after his much-anticipated victory in Pennsylvania took him on the winning line.

Presidential candidate Biden now has 290 votes in college voting, surpassing the 270 needed to win. Donald Trump is 214.

Mr Biden will be the 46th president in January, pending the outcome of any legal challenges.

US election results 2020

            US election results 2020

Mr Biden’s partner, Pamela Harris, will make history as the first female vice president, as well as the first black woman and first as the Asian vice president.
Votes are still being counted in four provinces after Mr Biden was also shown how to win at Nevada.

Georgia, where Mr. Biden earns less, will go back in history. He also leads Arizona and Mr. Trump is at the forefront of North Carolina and Alaska.

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Jo Biden

The winds of change:

This map shows when Republicans (red arrows) or Democrats (blue arrows) performed better than in 2016.

Away from the static image, both sides gain in some areas and lose support in the other.

Mr. Biden’s small gain in Michigan, Wisconsin and, most importantly, Pennsylvania, was enough to destroy those states and win the presidency.

Unfortunately for Mr. Trump, his benefits were centered on studies he had already won for the last time – for example castles such as Idaho, Utah, Arkansas and Tennessee.
How Biden conquered Pennsylvania
With almost all Pennsylvania votes counted, Mr. Biden is expected to reverse Mr. Trump’s small victory in 2016 with a small victory of his own.

Strengthening support in other areas where Democrats also did well in 2016 – especially around Philadelphia in the southeastern corner – is enough to produce this result.

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Results :

Results are really clear and Now the JOE Biden has been selected the President of USA 2020. Now the trump is asking for again vote counting in different states. He declined these results. If you want to see most recent results of US election results 2020 then Click on Updates.