Private Message Box Apk Free Download – Send Message and Receive Calls Secretly

Now a days Mobile conversations are very common and when you think about your private conversations you always searches about private message box or how to send messages or receive calls secretly?

When you go to the Google play store and search about an android application which will help you hide your private conversations in your own mobile phone.

You have installed many applications but no one could be better and useful as per your requirements.

Because when we say about hide messages or private messages its mean no body can see my conversations with my specific relations or business and also nobody can receive calls from the specific numbers.

Today, your all worries will gone because i am telling you about an amazing android application which helps you to hide your private messages and incoming calls as well.

Some important FAQ’s about Private Message Box Apk:

1. Is this application can be installed from play store?

Yes, you can install this application from play store. If you did not find it from play store, you can install it by clicking the download button at the end of this article.

2. Is it free to install?

Yes, its totally free to install and use. You only need to install and click to start.

3.Is it required any kind of registration?

Yes, it requires some sort of registration but don’t worry if you did not want to register with your mobile number you can skip this setup.

4. Can i hide this application icon from the home screen?

Yes, you can also hide this applications icon from the application menue.

5. How it works?

After installing and setting up the simple setup. You need to click on the start private chat button.

Here you can insert your desired contact to whom which you want to start chat privately.

You can also add numbers from your phonebook. After inserting numbers, click on the move data.

This application will transfer all your data like messages, calls and other important things related to your secret or private numbers into this application.

Now you will receive and send all the messages and calls from this application.

Many other features are also available in this application. You can check it out by installing it into your smartphone.

I hope you will enjoy this trick. Share it with your all social media friends.

Now, install Private Message Box Apk by tapping the red download button below.

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