Rahbar App Review by Gov. Of Pakistan

Hello guys, how are you? today I will tell you about Rahbar android application that will blow your mind.

This android application will help you to get latest updates about corona virus in Pakistan.

You can also take covid 19 self test. This will help you save you and yourself.

You should install and share this app with your friends and family for their support and help.

Punjab Government has taken a scope of measures to battle the invasion of Corona Virus including the arrangement of imaginative apparatuses to arm its residents in the war against Corona.

Structured by Punjab IT Board (PITB), Rehbar is Punjab’s first voice chatbot made to help the 100 million residents of Punjab in getting refreshed data about various government divisions and administrations.

It will at first just react to Corona related inquiries yet will develop and develop with time to answer all the regular questions about various government offices and administrations.

Rehbar tunes in to you and can talk and react to your questions. It can control you the correct way, spare you valuable time and assets. Rehbar doesn’t tire or get exhausted. It is totally committed to you.

Rehbar is anything but difficult to utilize and the clients can get data by essentially conversing with it.

Rehbar utilizes the most recent language advancements to comprehend your discourse and can react in the Urdu Language. Rehbar will before long be setting mindful and will give you the most significant data.

We conceive a future where Rehbar will assist the residents with valid data and proposals during a wide range of disasters and crises notwithstanding routine administrations.

This android application is by government of Pakistan and will help you to get latest updates and situation about corona virus.