Secret Android Code – How To Improve Your Home Security With This Code

Today I Will tell you about an amazing android application which will give you a short code and you can easily watch your home video from your office or anywhere in the world.

This application will help you to improve your house security which is most important part or job of every peron.

This application basically works as a remotely access camera. You can watch live streaming of your home or office without installing any huge price software system.

You only need to install this android app and give it all permition to work properly. After that you change its camera settings or any other settings if you want to change.

This application will provide you a ip address and if you want remote acess to your home you just inter that ip address in your pc aur mobile web browser and it will show you a live stream of your desired location.

This unique application will help you to manage your house security in decent manner.

About App in Roman:

Friends aj jis app k bary main apko bta rha hun ye application ap ki home security ko bohat achi trah se manage krti hai.

Ye application basically aik remotely access camera hain jisy ap apny mobile main install kr k agar ksi bhi jga rakhty hain aur iska dia gya ip address ksi bhi computer ya laptop main lgaty hain to complete live streaming ap dekh skty hain.

Is app se ap apny ghar, bachon, office ya kisi p bhi khufia treqy se nazar rakh skty hain.