Suzuki Khyber 1997 For Sale


In this post i will inform you about Suzuki Khyber 1997 model. This car is fully modified. There is no machenical fault in this car. All functions of the car are serviceable. We will look at all about thi car. We can see that this car is well maintained by the owner.

Firs off all we can see,from outer side. This car is showered for fresh look. Thia is non accedental car. No scratches found on the body. All indicators and headlights are working perfectly. There is nothing to do any extra work to maintain this car. New tires and wheels are installed. This car is available in North Karachi. And also regesterd from Karachi number.

From inner side, this car is totally genuine. Very neat and clean inner it have. If you are looking for a good and low budget car, then this is for you. Demand of the car is 250000 but i think 2 lac is sufficient for thia car. Documents are clear and CPLC is also clear. Original pictures of the car is attached. If you want to contact with the owner, click on the link which is given below.


Disclaimer: We are not owner or seller of this car. All deals And agreements totally depends on you and the owner. We will not responsible for any benefit or loss. So be careful and get all information before any deal. Thank you