Top 3 Android Apps For Tech Lovers – Awesome Android Apps of 2019

Hy guys how are you?, Today I will tell you about top 3 best android applications which will ease your smartphone life.

These amazing applications are to most useful android apps on the playstore. These top android applications are fantastic and user friendly.

1. Automatic Scroll

Automatic scroll is a best android application which will help you to scroll your smartphone screen without touching it. Automatic Scroll allows you to scroll your mobile screen by just one click.

You can scroll your whatsapp chats, Facebook Timeline, Instagram Stories and many other websites or books because you may hate to scroll your mobile screen continually.

You can also record your mobile scrolling screen with mobile screen recorder. Automatic scroll application is the most famous app among the students who always want to read something new on the internet before sleeping.

2. Pause it

Puase it is an amazing android application which is most important and famous android app among the WhatsApp users.

This unique application will be more friendly among those whatsapp users who did not want that no body should use their WhatsApp.

Puase it app will allows a whatsapp user to activate flight mode in WhatsApp. Its a wonderful feature which is not available in any smartphone.

How it works?

When you install and open the app, it will shows very simple interface where you will find a button named “Pause it”

When you press or activate pause it button it will ask you about some basic permissions, allow these permissions to activate the basic structure of the app.

When it will activate its service it will cut off all internet access of your whatsapp application. Whenever you or your friends and family membrs want to send a whatsapp message, it will shows all messages on pending.

But when you stop its pause it activity then you can resume your whatsapp chats and messages. Your all previus message will automatically sent when you turn off pause it button.

3. tPacket Capture

tPacket capture is a unique android application which will help you to record all your smartphone activities.

tPacket Capture will allows you start capturing all the smartphone activity like internet browsing, facebook data, passwords and all other data which will use in these activity.

This application will capture all the data packets which are using by your smartphone.

I hope you will like all the best android application which will help you to ease your smartphone life.

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