Top 5 Android Apps of Government of Punjab – Top 5 Pakistani Android Apps

Today, we will discuss about Top 5 android apps of government of Punjab or you can say Top 5 Pakistani android apps that will blow your mind.

These android applications where developed for the betterment of Pakistani people or you can say for the people of Punjab.

Punjab government of Pakistan developed dozens of android applications with the help of Punjab IT Board to help the people in their daily life.

Now here are the details of Top 5 android applications of Punjab Government.

  1. E.Learn Punjab

E.Learn punjab is an amazing android applications for the Government Schools students of Punjab.

In this application, students can find all the science subjects data to prepare their exams well in time.

E.Learn Punjab allows students of class 3 to class 12 to get help in preparing science subject exams or school test.

You can say that E.Learn Punjab is the most helpful application for the students how have not any tution.



  1. LND Public

This application is specifically designed for the children of 2 to 5 years of age.

LND Public application consist of the different basic tests of Urdu and English to clear the basic concepts.

Every test consist of 10 questions with multiple choice options.

After completing the test you will get the detail summary of your test and will get success score also.




  1. Pak Haj Muavin

Pak Haj Muavin application is very simple and helpful application for the people of Pakistan in Saudi Arabia.

This application will help the people to find their way and can contact with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia if they have any troubles.

You can use this application with location services on and can search your location by entering your data in it.

You should recommend this application to your friends and family who are planning to going Saudi Arabia for Haj.




  1. Smart Evaluation

Smart evaluation is an advanced level science knowledge application to clear the concepts of school/college students.

First you should use LND Public app for the basic knowledge of important Urdu and English concepts than use Smart Evaluation app to enhance your child’s educational knowledge.

This application consists of all important topics of science subjects and clear all the doubt’s of the students.



  1. Rasta

This application is developed for those Pakistani Citizens who travels more as others.

But every Pakistani can use this amazing application to learn about the routs, Challans, driving license and many other things which are common in our daily traveling life.

In Rasta application you will get all latest updates of Traffic rules and Police. Also find your nearest banks to submit your Challans.

In this app you will get your license info, Route plans, Driving School, and other things.

Rasta application is required your location services on to get real benefits of the technology while traveling.