Top 5 Best Android Apps All Time – Most Useful Android Apps in Daily Life

Hello guys, I hope you will be fine. Today I will tell you about the top 5 best android apps or you can say that these are the most useful apps in daily life.

Many people search about top android apps or unique android apps of the month or year but they could not find apps which will help them to enhance their smartphone user experience.

Here are the details of the top 5 best android applications that will blow your mind

Top 5 Best Android Apps All Time – Most Useful Android Apps in Daily Life

1. Recycle Master

Recycle master an amazing android application which will help you to recover your deleted videos, images and other files from your smartphone.

In our daily life mobile usage, sometimes we delete our important videos, images and other files expediently, but if you install this application you can recover all the deleted files in one minute.

When you install Recycle Master application, you should grant all the permissions to this app to get good experience.

You can install Recycle Master App from the link below, which is the best app to recover your deleted photos or videos from your smartphone.




2. Social Media Post Maker

Social media platforms are the best platforms to market your ideas or other important things. When you visit on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and other social media apps. You always see different posters.

These are full of information, Poetry, General Knowledge or some people offer some good stuff by using beautiful posters.

If you like to create these type of posters and upload them on your social media timelines. Then you can do that by installing Social media poster maker application.

This application will allow you to create posters for your facebook, youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, google plus, WhatsApp and other social media platforms timeline.

3. Maki

If you are a social media user with having a low ram mobile phone or your mobile gives hanging problems while using Facebook, Instagram, messenger and other apps.

You don’t need to worry. Use Maki android application and enjoy your social media experience in a great way without having any low ram/speed issues.

Maki application will allow you to manage your Facebook, Facebook Messanger, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, Telegram, Reddit, Pinterest, Tumbler, Linkedin and many other social media accounts in one place.

After installing Maki application, you can uninstall other heavy social media applications from your smartphone.


4. School it

This application specially designed for Science students to help them out in prepare their exams in a good manner.

This application is most useful for those students who did not have any questions but they want to learn more for their better preparation of exams.

This application will allow students to prepare their Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and their branches exams well.

In future, you will find more subjects and features in this application.


5. Brick Game

This is actually a mobile game which was the most popular game in our childhood. The brick game will help you to remember your childhood days by playing it on your smartphone.

This application has multiple options like you can changes game colours, speeds, mode and other settings.

It looks like the same game which you have played in your childhood. This application installed by one million plus mobile users.


Top 5 Best Android Apps All Time – Most Useful Android Apps in Daily Life

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