Top 5 Best Ever Android Apps – Ep-6 – Cool Android Apps For Daily Life

There are billions of android apps are available on Google play store but today I will tell you about Top 5 Best Ever Android Apps – Ep-6 – Cool Android Apps For Daily Life. These Android applications are very useful and you will definitely share these with your friends.

1. Whats Track

This application is made for the people who want to track somebody without knowing them. It hard to track anyone’s WhatsApp activities but this application made it easier.

You only need to enter victims country, name and mobile number and this application will always tell you that when that person was coming online or going offline.





2. Auto Responder For Whatsapp

Autoresponder for WhatsApp is an amazing android application which will help you send automatic replies to your WhatsApp messages.

This application will allow you to send custom auto replies whenever you are busy, sleeping or driving. You can select by your choice to whom your auto-reply should be sent or not.

Autoresponder application for Whatsapp could be managed easily by a normal Android user. But remember that this application will only work with the official Whatsapp application.





3. Safe App

This application will help you to protect your mobiles from external threats. The safe application will show you all installed android applications status which is dangerous for your privacy.

The safe application will suggest you a safe score and to resolve the issues which could be dangerous for your privacy matters regarding mobiles. If your safe score is green than it is fine.





4. Super App Lock

There are thousands of Android app locks are available on the play store but Super App Lock is a unique Android application where you can lock all of your Android apps in a different and secure way.

You can lock your apps by a fingerprint sensor and pattern lock, you can hide this application icon from the app menu. This application has an app crash feature which could be used to save your secret apps from others.





5. ACI Sidebar

ACI Sidebar is a unique android application which will enhance your Android experience. This application will allow you to create an amazing sidebar for installed android apps, contacts and other important details.

These sidebars look like an amazing feature which is not commonly available in Android devices. This application interface is very simple and could be used by every android user.