Top 5 Business ideas Under 10 thousand Investment

Eveeyone Knows about the importance of buisness as compare to job. We know about the risks in every buisness ,sometimes we face loses and on the other hand sometimes we get profits.It depends upon the business idea and dealer of product.If you have good marketing skills, you can handle any kind of buisness.

There are many kinds of buisness,which required low or high investments.Some of them you can start with low investment and you can earn more profit.

Today,i will discuss about top 5 buisenss ideas ubder 10k investment with more profit.These business can make you rich in very short period. We are just giving you idea,you can expand it according to yours availabilities and demands.

1.Invest On OlX

You can earn by investing on olx website or daraz by launching your product. it can be mobile accessories or something other which is cheaper to buy and give you more profit. It is on your choice . Availability of product is more important for you.

2.Candles Business

You can earn from candles business easily. You can make candles from birthdays and for other kinds of buisnesses.You just need to make different samples of candles,wax and a piece of string.You can add different colors in wax for making it beautiful.

3.Food Home Delivery:

If you are from a city,you can run this business easily. You can provide food delivery service to student hostels.You can also deliver home made food in your town houses or hostels. This business requires very low investment.

4.Online shirts business:

This business needs only a color printer. In this modern era everyone have a computer or laptop. So,it is very easy for you to print on shirts. You can invest on online marketing of your product on any social media platform. You can print different sentences on shirts according to user desire.

5. Machine Oil Business:

In this business you just need to buy machine oil in litters . You can buy it easily . You can fill out this oil in small bottels which have nozels. You should have a box to pack all these small bottels. This buisness also requires very low investment.