Top 5 Cool Android Apps That Will Blow Your Mind – Best Android Apps of The Week

Hello guys, today in this article, we will discuss about top 5 cool android apps or you can say that best android app of the week that will blow your mind.

If you are a normal Android user, you will definitely love these awesome android apps just because of their daily life usage and quality of content.

1. No Touch

No touch is an amazing android application which will help you to lock your working screen. No, it’s not a typical screen lock app. Your work will continue on the screen but your screen will not work if anybody clicks on the screen.

When your child asks you to give him your mobile and you were very disappointed and feel insecure about your data on the mobile phone. Then you just click on the No Touch screen lock and its done.

If you want to play videos and listen to only to music during travelling but video play is stopped due to your clothes touch or any other reason. Then you only need to click on the No-Touch lock and your screen will be locked but you can still enjoy your videos music.




3. Every Timer

Every timer is a unique Android application which allows you to manage your mobile functions and all other android applications as per your schedule.

You can set any application start and end time. You can set your all-important mobile functions schedule.

Every timer application is an amazing android application to manage your mobile’s WIFI, Internet, Silent, Sound Profile, Air Plane Mode and other important functions.




3. Offline Games Collection

Offline Games collection is an awesome android application where you can find all offline games in one place. All the famous android games are available in this app.

You just need to click on the game which you want to install, then click on the play store button. now you are on the game home page on play store. Just click on the install and enjoy the game.

This application number one in the world to provide offline games collection in one place and it updates itself every week.




4. Only 4G Mode

The only 4g mode is an android application which will help you to make your 3g smartphone into a 4g smartphone and convert your 2g smartphone into a 3g smartphone.

If you have week signals of the 3g network, you should select WCDMA mode only to get good signal and internet quality of the 3G network.

But if you have good 3G signal but week 4G network than you need to select LTE only mode to get 4g speed and signals on your mobile.

Please don’t use any other functions in this application because this application works with your mobile signal antenna.






5. Mo Chat

Mo chat is a cool android application of the year which allows you to create multiple accounts of any android application in your smartphone.

With the help of Mo Chat app, you can create 100 WhatsApp accounts in just a few minutes and enjoy the technology revolutions. You can also create and manage multiple Facebook and Instagram account in your single mobile phone.

After clone your apps, you need to wait for the few seconds to analyse all the settings and after that, you can use your cloned apps separately.






In this article, you have learned about Top 5 android applications which will easy your smartphone life. Share this article with your all social media friends.