Top 5 Must Have Android Apps – Most Unique Android Apps

Today in this article, we will discuss top 5 must have android apps or you can say that these apps are the most unique Android apps that will astonish you.

If you are looking at most useful android apps then you will get the top 5 most unique Android apps that are very useful in our daily life.

Top 5 Must Have Android Apps – Most Unique Android Apps

1. Live Transcribe by Google

Live transcribe is an amazing android application which is made by Google. This application is specifically developed for Special Persons.

This application is useful for those people who cannot hear or weak hearing problem. They can read every sentence on their mobile screen which is spoken by the nearest person.

It supports different languages to hear and type. If you activate this app in your mobile then if anybody speaks with you it will automatically type all the sentences correctly.

So if you know about the people who cannot hear or low hearing problem, recommend this app to them to make their life easier.

2. StoryZ For Motion Graphics

Storyz is an awesome android application which allows you to create motions in your images. It will amaze you and your friends.

You just need to open the storyz application, select an image from your phone gallery or directly from the camera and edit it in just a few seconds.

Click on the stabilize button and select the are which you want not to move then click on the motion button now you can select the area which you want to create motion. Now it’s done.



3. No Luk

No Luk android app will help you to use your mobile in public places without showing your mobile screen to anybody.

This app allows you to create an awesome overlay on your mobile screen which will hide your mobile screen from your nearest sitting people.

With the help of No Luk app, you can continue your WhatsApp chats while travelling without privacy issues.



4. Duplicate File Fixer

Duplicate file fixer android application will allow you to delete duplicate files from your smartphone and increase its memory after cleaning.

With the help of duplicate file fixer android app, you can delete duplicate images, videos, pdf, and other data to increase your mobile memory and performance.

This application is totally free to install and more than 1 million people are using this with an outstanding experience.



5. 101 Games in 1 App

It’s an awesome android application or you can say it an amazing time killer app which is consist of 101 android games.

This application allows you to kill your boring moments. All the games in this app are unique and amazing.

In the start of the app, you will get only a few apps for free but if you unlock all other apps you need to play free games and earn coins to unlock all other games.




Top 5 Must Have Android Apps – Most Unique Android Apps