Top 5 Must Have Android Apps – Most Useful Apps in Daily Life

Here is the most attractive and awesome android apps collection which will amaze you. These top 5 android apps are must have android apps which are most useful in your daily life.

To enhance your smartphone user experience you need to use these android applications which are most useful and amazing creations.

1. Fakenger (Play Fake)

Fakenger is an amazing android application which will help you to create fake Facebook chats. The slogan of this app is “Play Fake”

You can customize all the details of any Facebook chat which is created by you. You can manage its name, date, time, picture and other basic things. If you want to fun with your friends you need to install this app and start making fake Facebook Chats.



2. Full Charge

Full charge is a mobile charging and battery friendly android application. It will alarm you when your mobile complete its 100% charge.

You can also check the quality of the battery of your mobile. Mobile battery quality will tell you that what is the life and timing of the battery. You can use many other features which are available in this application.



3. History Eraser

History Eraser is an awesome android application which allows its users to clear all mobile history in a single click. This application is one of the most powerful and famous android apps.

You can clear you mobiles history, chrome history, all other web browsers history, Youtube history and clear all apps cache to enhance your mobiles speed.



4. Empty Folder Cleaner

Empty folder cleaner android application will help you to clean all of your mobiles empty folders in just one click without spending too much time.

Just install and open the application and start a scan. It will get all the details and list of the empty folders in front of you. Now just click on the delete empty folder and it will delete all empty folders in only one second.



5. Duplicate Contact Fixer and Remover

This android application is one of the most popular apps which are the most useful app in our daily life to enhance your mobile user experience.

It will help you to delete all of your duplicate contacts which are creating trouble while finding your desired contact. You can also filter and fix your contacts in just a few seconds.