Used 4 cars under 3 lac prices in pakistan

Hi Friends, I hope you are well. Today in this ad, We will tell you about this car.

We will review this car and share your pros and cons with you. All information that will be shared with you is actually provided by a reputable owner.

We recommend that you carefully inspect all documents, 15 permits, dental implants, paint, accident, engine, suspension, tires and all other essentials when buying this car physically.

Because the information provided by us is provided entirely by a reputable owner and 90% of people do not tell the truth about the original condition of the car and its operation.

1. First Car

Seller Contact Number

2.Second Car

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3.Third Car

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4.Fourth Car

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Note: If you are thinking about the demand then do not worry. You can contact the owner and chat with them.
Disclaimer: We are not the owners / sellers of this vehicle / product and will not deal with any problems and issues related to this ad, as this information was publicly available online as an ad.

And we didn’t know about the seller’s transaction and the quality of the work. So we always recommend that you be careful while working with strangers.

We strongly recommend that you do not look for and send a final or prepaid payment until you physically physically inspect the product or vehicle and are satisfied. It will help protect you from losses.