Used Pridor 100cc Honda Bike for Sale

Bikes are always in demand. There are different variants of bikes are available in the market. Like 70cc,100cc,125cc,150cc,250cc bikes. Commonly 80% 70cc bikes are used in pakistan.  Due to the demand of bikes many companies introduced their bikes. Now even the electric bikes have been made in Pakistan.

The bike which i am going to review is Prider 100cc bike. This bike drive is so smooth. It is 100cc bike but it gives ride of 125cc bike. Overall design of this bike is good. Its average on fuel is also good.

This bike is 2013 model. It has minor scratches. No work required. Overall condition of prider is excellent. If you are interested and want to ride this bike then contact with owner. Other info related to this bike is available on given link.

You can see the pictures of this car, which are given below,


Contact with Seller

Disclaimer: If you want to purchase this bike then check its documents clearly and get thr original documents. We will not be responsible for any fraud from the seller. Thank You