WhatsApp Latest Secret Setting – How To Listen WhatsApp Audio Messages Faster

Biggest WhatsApp secret setting will be exposed today. With the help of this secret method, you can listen all your WhatsApp audio messages very fast.

You can listen your whatsapp messages 2x faster. 10 minute whatsapp message will be completely listen within 1 or 2 minute minutes only.

70% of WhatsApp users are using audio messaging facility during WhatsApp chats, because its an easy way to chat with friends on WhatsApp.

To listen WhatsApp messages faster you need to install an android application named “Talk Faster”(Install link available at the end of this article).

After installing this application you will see the demonstration that how to use this app.

You just leave this application in your android and start using whatsapp in routine life.

Whenever you want to listen your whatsapp audio messages in fast speed. You just click and press on that audio message in whatsapp.

Now click on the share button, you will see the share window popup where different apps will be appearing to share your audio, click on the “Talk Faster” application and you will be redirected to that app.

Here you can set your audio message speed listening limit from 0.25x to more than 2x faster than normal speed.

You can also skip the silence period in your audio message to increase listening speed. It will save your lot of time while audio chatting on whatsapp.

I hope this application will help you to use whatsapp in tricky manner. You need to click on the red downlod button below to install “Talk Faster” android application.