Whatsapp Secret Setting That Will Blow Your Mind – Set Any Picture as Whatsapp Chat Background

When you want to use WhatsApp in a decent manner you always busy in different tips and tricks about WhatsApp.

If you are a WhatsApp lover then today I will tell you about an amazing android application that will blow your mind. This app will allow you to change your WhatsApp background screen.

You can add/set your own or friends images in WhatsApp chat or home background to enhance your user experience.

In this application, you will find different options which will help you to set any image in your WhatsApp background.

First of all, you need to install this application from the link given at the end after that open it and allow all required permissions.

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Do not active grid overlay button you just add an image in mockup overly option and can set its capacity as required.

This android application provides you with many other features which will ehance your whatsapp usage experience.

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There are a lot of WhatsApp secret settings and tricks on the internet but this application will give you amazing qualities.

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