Whatscrypt Apk Free Download – Send Message Secretary on Whatsapp

Many people send thousands of messages to their loved ones and they always want to send messages secretly.

But WhatsApp did not have any encryption method which asks for a password when the recipient wants to read the message.

Whatsapp has its own different type of encryption methods which is for every WhatsApp users. But if you want to encrypt every message with different passwords you couldn’t do that.

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Today we will introduce you an amazing android application named whatscript, you can install this application from the link below at the end of this article.

When Should We Use This Application?

You can use this application while sending WhatsApp messages secretly to your loved ones and also set a strong and unique password for every message.

Is This App Hard To Use?

No, its a simplest application ever. You can install and start encrypting your messages.

How To Encrypt a Message in Whatscrypt?

After installing, you need to write a message in the input area, then enter your six digits unique password and click on the output button.

A secret code will appear, you need to copy that code and send to your recipients.

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How Recipient Will Read Your Encrypted Messages?

Its very simple, Recipient must have this application in his/her smartphones and will copy that code from WhatsApp chat.

After that, he needs to put this code in the input method and enter a password which will be given by you and click on the decrypt button.

Now he can see your original message in output Field.

This android application whatscrypt will help you to send messages to your friends and family secrets.

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You can install this application by the link which is given at the end of this article.

I hope you will enjoy this amazing android application and also tell your friends about that.

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