Zindagi App by Government of Pakistan – Ministry of Narcotics Successfully Launched Zindagi App

Federal Government of Pakistan (Ministry of Narcotics & UNDOC) successfully launched Zindagi application for awareness, rehabilitation and prevention of drugs.

Zindagi app will help people to learn about how to rehabilitate, prevent and treatment of drugs addiction. This application is very helpful for those who did not have much awareness about drugs.

Zindagi app designed to educate people that how to fight with drugs and rehabilitate affected persons. This application is very handy and user-friendly.

Zindagi app covers complete features about drug awareness, rehabilitation, drug prevention, drug treatment, rehab locations and success stories of the people who had successfully rehabilitate from the drug addictions.

Zindagi App by Government of Pakistan – Ministry of Narcotics Successfully Launched Zindagi App

In our country Pakistan, Drug addiction is growing fastly due to different mental toughness and other personal problems. So Zindagi app will help very well in preventing drugs from our society.

You can download Zindagi app free from the link given at the end of this article. This application has dual language mode Urdu and English so that every person of the country can learn each and everything with the help of Zindagi application.

Lets Discuss Zindagi App Feature One By One:

1. Drug Awareness:

This feature will help people to get awareness about drug addiction in Urdu and English languages from Zindagi app. People will learn about how to secure themselves and their relatives and children from drug addiction and its abuses.

This feature also tells people that drugs are very dangerous and it will destroy each and everything it did not prevent. So awareness is the basic principle against every drug prevention.

2. Drug Prevention & Treatment:

Zindagi app drug prevention feature will help people to learn about how to prevent drugs and rehabilitate people from its abuses.

3. Rehabilitation / Success Stories:

This feature will share the success stories of those people who successfully rehabilitate themselves from drug addiction and its abuses. You can also join this tab by rehabilitating yourself from drug addiction and its abuses.

4. Location of Nearby Rehab Centers:

Zindagi app will help you to find nearby rehabilitation centres. You can visit these centres and get more information about the programme.

What is Our Duty?

As an honest and true Pakistani, we should share this Zindagi application with the people who are useful with drugs or students who are facing problems related to drugs.

Our society need theses type of awareness because drugs are the most destructive weapons against the nation.

Please share this article with your friends and family. Good Luck

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